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3 Bedroom Shipping Container Home Plans Design- OUTBOX 1280. Welcome to ShelterMODE, the Premier YouTube Channel for Shipping Container Projects from around the world. In today’s episode we bring to you a design video. We present to you OUTBOX 1280, a two-story single-family home designed using four, 40 foot shipping containers. Outbox 1280 is a two-story single-family a residential house designed using four, 40 foot shipping containers. The shipping containers are stacked tow on two, in a cantilevered design creating a total of 1400 square feet of living space. The containers are sheared horizontally, to create a sheltered entrance porch and a big rooftop deck at the back. The containers sit on a raft foundation top elevate the modules away from moisture. The housing unit has an unconventional interior layout contrasting with the modern, industrial exterior aesthetic.

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Top 5 Foundation Types Used in Shipping Container Homes and Buildings:

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