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Build-A-Box Homes: 1709 Dan St. Container House in Houston, TX. In this video, we bring you Craftsman-style container bungalow in Houston Texas built using 4 shipping containers. This custom Build-A-Box container house prototype is located in the emerging area of Houston’s North Fifth Ward. This modern home is built from four, 40 foot shipping containers creating a total of a 1,280-square-feet house. The containers are placed side by side in two pairs and sheared horizontal to create an outdoor deck at the back and a carport at the front. The containers sit on a concrete block work, pier foundation to elevate the containers from moisture and flood waters. Interior partitions, walls and ceilings were constructed using light gauge steel studs. To enhance and increase the energy performance of the house, closed cell spray foam and bats insulation was used in the walls and roofs. Watch this video here: . The front façade has a main entrance camouflaged behind some white siding and a small front porch mimicking a Craftsman-style bungalow. However, a keen look beyond the structure’s small front porch reveals a royal-blue-painted shipping container from which forms the building blocks of this amazing house. The house a accommodates the following salient features, 2 bedrooms, two bathrooms, an open plan living room, with a lounge, a kitchen, and dining area and a big covered deck at the back: A small hallway space connects the living area to the master suite, the 2nd bedroom, and the second bathroom in the second module of containers. The inner container walls are cut out to create spacious bedrooms. One of the bedrooms is shown staged as an office space.

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Project Summary
Builder: Build-A-Box Homes
Location: Houston, Texas
Salient Features: open living, 2 bedrooms
Number of Shipping Containers used: 4
Habitable Space: 1280+sqft
Completion Date: 2014
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