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Interest in shipping container homes has skyrocketed within 5 years. People have seen the amazing benefits you get by going this route and more young people are considering buying and fitting container homes than going into major debt with a traditional house.

Why Old Shipping Containers?

Things To Consider Before You Build Your Shipping Container Home.

Insulation is important:
What you essentially have when you buy a container is a metal box. You are going to have to insulate the container to keep heat in or out and space is limited, so using modern material is essential.

One container does not equal another:
You get different containers depending on the function it served when in operation.

Research your local planning laws and building regulations:
Different countries have their own laws and regulations on what you can build.

Stick to your design:
Cutting out a container wall might be expensive when you change your mind.

Don’t cut too much:
If you cut too large a section, you might have to reinforce it later driving up cost.

Check out the container you are buying:
It is a good idea to go look at the container you’re buying so that you can inspect it for rust and structural issues.

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