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EXTREME Home Makeover Renovation!
Today I’m finally addressing a room in our basement that has been neglected by me for quite a while. I wanted to refinish the concrete floors with Marble tile, paint the walls, and add trim!

The goal was a budget of $500, and I was grossly under budget with the total cost being just under $200 for this video’s DIYs. I have $300 leftover to customize this space.

What I need today are just suggestions on how to furnish this room for PART 2 of this renovation! Below are some tips and supplies I used for this DIY extreme makeover.

Brand : Carrara Marble 12×12 Peel and Stick Vinyl Flooring
I bought 5 sets of the 30 pack from Walmart
TIP: You can get even cheaper laminate by buying their leftover pieces if available. Home Depot also has a square foot calculator to help you figure out how many boxes you need.
TIP: Leave the back of the sticker on when you need to cut specialized tiles to fit difficult spaces. I used an xacto to cut and lightly bent off the piece I needed.

Bought from Clearance from Home Depot
I spent about $6 each for 7ft of baseboard
Total needed for my project : 5

Supplies I used :
Miter Saw (You can use a Miter Box to save $ if you do not have a Miter Saw)
Hand Saw
Long Nails
Measuring App on iPhone

Walmart: Paint Roller Extension Rod (helps if you are on the short side like me)
Home Depot: I used the PPG brand and I highly reccomend.
My first time painting I used the brand Color Place and it was awful coverage.

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