First of all I am not a professional builder. I learned all this from YouTube to renovate our first home without any support or financial help.
My Book- How I buy houses, click here- or buy from Amazon- Shop on Amazon and support this Channel- Full Playlist- This video is a culmination of a huge project, both renovating [More]
Caravan renovation and Diy this place. This part one of many videos that is coming soon. If you enjoyed please do like and subscribe for diys and this type off videos.. comment below what I [More]
Hi my friends! This video is to show you what working on a renovation site is really like. Time to get to work. Susbcribe Here ► ►My Other Video Playlists! ◄ — DIY Half Duplex [More]
Watch as we get some help repairing the rotted and sagging floors in the kitchen, and rebuild our first wall! I love power tools. And as a lil bonus at the end, I build a [More]
In this video, we build out 2 new closets, 1 for the master bedroom, and 1 for the 2nd bedroom. these additions both add size and give a bit of a modern touch to an [More]
If you have Questions about your Home Renovations we have answers! Kitchen Renovations, Bathroom Renovations Or Basement renovations we can help with them all! Not everything in the renovation world is DIY, We are Starting [More]
DIY SMALL BATHROOM RENOVATION We have finally finished our ensuite bathroom – in this video I talk through some of our product choices and show which bits of the work we were brave (crazy) enough [More]
DIY Home Decor Project Ideas for 2019 & 2020 Subscribe for weekly design solutions for your home! For more fashion and beauty news visit my blog – Be Sure to Follow Me On Social [More]
⚒️ EXTREME Home Makeover Renovation! Today I’m finally addressing a room in our basement that has been neglected by me for quite a while. I wanted to refinish the concrete floors with Marble tile, paint [More]
It’s pretty tough to get a renovation done without power tools! In this video I go over the tools I use most for home renovations. #tools #renovation #diy
I have been renovating my old farmhouse for a year now. I am going to break down all the costs to give you a better understanding of how cost effective DIY Renovations can be. Cheers! [More]
Today on Modern Builds I’m updating an out of date patio made of mud-colored paver bricks and into a modern retreat with a black fence, cool garden beds, and grey pavers laid down in a [More]
Friends! This video has taken me such a long time to put together lol. Mainly because it took us a while to get the basement completed. But we love how it came out! Here is [More]
This project is getting close to being completed. It sure is exciting to see the how this renovation is turning out. Paint colours are picked out and the lumber for the wood accent wall has [More]
Hello, everyone 😃 Another weird week.. thats all I can say about it.. learning new things with this radiant heat.. but, it’s hard to record and show what I’m doing. I hope you all still [More]
Stunning 2019 DIY Project Ideas For Your Home Part 4 Subscribe for weekly design solutions for your home! For more fashion and beauty news visit my blog – Be Sure to Follow Me On [More]
We got all the drywall up and now it’s time for the part of the job that I really don’t like. Taping and mudding. I seem to get more of the mud on me than [More]
DIY HOME RENOVATION/ MUST HAVE TOOLS What tools do you need for renovating? In this video I share a few of our favourites that we have used in our house renovation and house extension project. [More]
2019 Project – Powder Room Renovation The family would like to surprise lola Mel with an upgrade to her powder room. Here’s the summary of the renovation and lola’s reaction. Enjoy! ~ Project Manager: Nikky [More]
#Lowes #ProjectSourceCabinets #DIY #LaundryRoom We decided to update a our laundry room to add more storage and make it more visually appealing. We purchased all of the oak cabinets from Lowes as they are a [More]
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