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We will discuss cabinet trends, cost comparisons, add-ons worth considering, ways to save money, and timing considerations for DIY projects.

In this video, we discuss the trends and tricks to renovating your kitchen cabinets. Whether you are considering a DIY home improvement project or hiring a contractor, you will want to watch this video.

Pink Tool Girl is here to answer your questions about DIY Home Improvement and Decor questions. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and come laugh with us as we discuss DIY Home Improvement projects that we’ve done and what we have learned from our successes (and not so successful projects).

We want to equip you with enough information so you know the questions to ask the right people to get the kitchen that you want in your home. Remember to get your FREE download to help you track the questions that you have as you start your kitchen renovation.





Let us help you find the right tools for your next DIY project to save your time, money, sanity, or a combination of all three. We’ve spent years renovating houses and have learned many tricks along the way.


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