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Spa Container House – Jangho Beach Campsite in Korea. In this video, we bring you the Spa Container House in Jangho Beach Camping Site in Korea built from shipping containers. Stay tuned to find out more about this modern container cabins. Jangho Beach Camping Site located in Jangho Tourist Resort. It is a tourist attraction, with a natural beauty called “Naples of Korea”. The spa container houses are the most outstanding accommodation within the camping site. There are 4 spa container houses, gently up the drive way labelled number A1 to A4. The houses A1, A2 and A3 are grouped together and the fourth house is built separate down the hill next to RV campsite closer to the beach. The container houses are well positioned with stunning views of the beach. Each house is built using 2 twenty foot shipping containers creating a total of 64㎡ of habitable space. The containers are stuck on top of each other in an L-shape, creating a covered entrance terrace on the ground and roof top terrace on the first floor level. The facilities accommodated in the container cabins include; the ground floor comprises of, the open plan living room with a lounge space, dining and kitchen. The first floor accommodates an ensuite bedroom with a spa and outdoor deck. Container cabins manages to fit in a well lit a sitting area on one end, a kitchen with overhead shelf storage, a small dining area next to the entrance. The interior walls and ceiling are dray walled and insulated for thermal comfort. A single flight staircase leads to the first floor level of the cabin. Upstairs is bedroom suite with a full size bathroom with a premium whirlpool bathtub, and giant, full-glass doors that open directly onto a private terrace, expanding the interior space to the great outdoors. The rooftop deck is secured by steel protective railing system and is a nice place to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views of the sea and the campsite.

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Project Summary
Location: Samcheok City, Republic of Korea
Salient Features: camping, Caravans, Container cabins
Number of Shipping Container Cabins: 4
Habitable Space: 64+sqm
Completion Date: 2017
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